2012 Enlightenment or Doom?

As always I wanted some source that accumulated most of the information about 2012 in easy to understand chunks, all in one place, and also seemed reputable.  So the first video is quite long and is very well made, has speakers from all different scientific backgrounds, and from different parts of the world.

The second video is a lot shorter, more corny, but if you can get past his humor the video is pretty targeted and informative. Well worth the 10 minutes of viewing.

The "Esoteric Agenda" and "Kymatica" are well made and packed with a lot of thought provoking facts. I cringe thinking of Americans spending hours upon hours watching Reality TV and Sponge Bob, when there is much more pressing issues at hand.

All-in-all you should get a good overview of what all the controversy is around 11:11am, December 21, 2012.

2012 Science or Superstition, [1:18:39]

2012 Mayan Prophecy and the Shift of the Age [10:00]
mayan-predictions 2012-doomsday-lost-civilizations
National geographic 2012 countdown [45:49]

2012 Doomsday? Lost Civilizations [35:06]
2012 Esoteric
2012 [2:53:00]

Esoteric Agenda [2:03:55 ]
kymatics the-day-before-disclosure
KYMATICA [1:23:57] The day before disclosure [1:23:57]

the-psychic-matrix daniel-pickbeck
The Psychic Matrix [51:26] Beyond 2012 - Evolving Perspectives On the Future [1:06:47]

01.29.2011. 16:57

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More Videos
When you watch these videos, look for the facts. Sometimes you need to skip over sections that are childish or blatant propaganda. The videos I have listed here are very thought provoking.

Secret America
End of Liberty [1:14:00]
Ron Paul on the Fed (01/02/11) [16:58]
Ron Paul on the Federal Reserve and FEMA[10:27]
Ron Paul: "The Big Bankers Never Lose"[3:03]
Ron Paul on the Two-Party System [3:03]

Solar Flares

911 Revisited

New World Order
Aaron Russo MAD AS HELL [1:23:00]


Global Warming

Financial Crisis

North American Union

2012 Enlightenment|Doom?



pophis Hit Earth in 2029? [4:21]

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